Poetry Heals Seeds of Change Fund

For two years, Poetry Heals has brought therapeutic writing to people who are living distressed lives: veterans, homeless, institutionalized, recovering from addiction, and others. Writing poetry helps people identify, name, and work through their traumas and troubles so that they can better handle their lives. Poetry writing is a free, accessible and portable tool they can use throughout their lives. And poetry writing creates change.

Even after only two sessions, writers explain that they can find direction more easily, are more at ease, and have more tools to deal with their lives.  We are following in the footsteps of highly successful Pongo Teen Writing project in Seattle.

Your donations go directly to the programs we run for homeless people in Manitou Springs parks, for young people in recovery, for LGBT+ youth, for veterans and others. We have found that providing seed money to organizations makes it easier to get started with Poetry Heals, so we have started a $2500 fund solely for the purpose of providing seed money, The Seeds of Change Fund.  Be a part of this growing effort and help plant some seeds.

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